David B. Shanies has experience in a variety of alternative methods to dispute resolution, including domestic and international arbitration for commercial, employment, and investor disputes; mediation; and negotiation.  Given the reality that conventional litigation often is not the most effective, affordable, or available way to resolve a dispute, clients may be well advised to evaluate  alternative methods such as ADR.  David has years of experience advising and representing individual and institutional clients in the ADR process.



  • Represented the claimant, a manufacturing company, in AAA arbitration arising from fraudulent representations made by the sellers of a business it purchased.  Obtained a multi-million dollar judgment following a full evidentiary hearing.


  • Represented the claimant, a former executive of a publicly traded utility corporation, in AAA arbitration over client's unpaid compensation and other contractual rights.  Successfully negotiated a settlement exceeding $21 million.


  • Represented a food and restaurant business in court-supervised mediation in a dispute with a terminated executive over the former employee's fraud,  breaches of duty, and other misconduct.  Successfully negotiated a settlement worth more than $10 million.